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Looking to update your showreel?

Need a new showreel? Brand new scenes? Or simply to refresh the one you already have? Get in touch now with one of our experts and let us advise you to what we think will suits best the industry.

Past productions

Please see below a few examples of showreels edited and/or created from scratch by our talented team.

Our packages

Please have a look at our packages below and get the best of our product with the best price.



Are you looking to refresh your portfolio with professional content? Have a look at our packages and offers.

Choreographers &


Do you need to refresh your portfolio with the best quality content? Are you looking to make the best impression? We’ve got you covered and we won’t do nothing less.


Performers & other


Please stay tuned! Are you a drag queen? A solo singer? Or looking for your band? Or perhaps a fire eater? We can accomodate you too. Our experienced team knows what the business requires from you and we will work with you to create the best quality content.

Tell us what you want, what you reelly, reelly want...


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Equiment hire

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